Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice

Yesterday is traditional Chinese "Winter Solstice" Festival.. while I am so so so busy and got no time to prepare for it.. so after I rushed all my work.. i ran out to the nearest "chap huo puo" / kedai runcit to buy the ingredients to made the Dang Yuan.. And see my ugly look Dang Yuan as below.. but it still taste yummy!!!
 because of too last minute.. I couldn't buy any Pandan Leaves and other ingredients to boil the traditional soup based.. so I just simply made the organic soya milk to goes with my ugly look dang yuan.. and it is so so yummy.. believe me.. it taste great.. ok.. at least for me lah.. hahaha
 this is how it's look like in the soya milk.. 
and this is for my marcus boy.. his is not soya milk.. but is my breast milk.. hehehe

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