Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas with Friends 2011

As usual every year we celebrate Christmas together with our Church friends... we have been doing this celebrating together for years.. since we was still couples.. then we become 3 families.. and now we are families with kids.. we used to having wine and Christmas dinner at the restaurant.. and for the past few years... we prefer to do it at home.. which is much more comfortable for everyone.. and our kids can just run around and play together.. THANKS GOD for giving us HIS ONLY SON!! and Merry Christmas to all our loved ones and everyone else too!!!
 very cool santa costume given by Uncle Danny.. 
Santa and santarina
 the Ang family.. and see their sweety Santarina?? so pretty right?
 the YAP family.. their Isaac has grown up so much!!!
 our first Christmas with Chloe mei mei..and mei mei actually sleeping but mama wake her up just to take some pictures together.. :P
 merry christmas everybody!!!
 happy happy happy ! ! ! 
 ask them lifted the presents.. and only the big kids understand.. and look at marcus he is so happy and enjoying and crapping his hand high.. :) 
 I asked them to look at me.. only my marcus look here.. while others all busy unwrap their presents.. 
 Isaac: see I got a motorbike!!! while others still busy unwrapping it.. 
 wow.. what is it Marcus?? 
ops.. is a book and look he is so happy!!!
Christmas present for Marcus from papa.. and look who is more happy???

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