Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Playgroup at Jessica's House

Here is another PG I went recently.. I just brought Chloe only.. As one person cannot handle two at the same time.. and my Chloe is such an angle.. and all the mummies give her an award of the day.. "the most obedient baby" and i agreed with them too.. she is really an angle.. she smiles to anyone who talk to her.. and she can lying on her own and admiring the surrounding all by herself.. I spot this bouncer at Jessica's house.. and I just lying her on it.. so cute right my little Chloe girl???
 then after she is tired.. she falls asleep on her own too.. although it was so so so noisy there.. hahaha
 There is a Cloth Diaper sharing by Auntie Barbara.. and look at her little one at the bottom there??
 Auntie Jessica is the one with the deer deer head... 
 see all the mummies and babies.. 
 my dear Chloe with mummy with the beautiful Christmas tree.. 
 both of us same chubby lah.. aiks.. 

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Anonymous said...

how i wish my little Hime can be such angle like Chloe... envy to the max :)

From Jacelyn


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