Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chloe's 1st Swimming Session

25 Dec 2011 - on the Christmas Day.. due to Jacky's sister family is here.. so we went to the club house together and swimming together.. this is Chloe's first attempt to swimming pool.. but it is quite challenging as I need to keep nursing her before and after the short swimming in the water.. but it was fun also for all of us.. :).. 
i bought the little cutie sexy swimming wears for her from Brand Outlet.. it was real nice one.. look my cutie pie Chloe in the swimming suit.. a bit too big lah.. hahaha.. for longer term investment.. :P 
we were in the pool together.. marcus gor gor is super happy one..
 too bright Chloe seem like cannot open her tiny eyes wor.. hahaha
 mama play up and down.. up and down with chloe.... to let her slowly get use to the pool cool water.. 
 look at her funny action expression.. 
 my son can goes on his own in the pool loh.. and look he swim to me and Chloe.. 
 marcus gor gor swim to mummy's back and want to piggy back mummy.. and let's go walk walk in the water together... 
 haha... see mummy so happy.. :P
 papa and marcus gor gor.. 
 my marcus boy handsome and cute hor.. :P

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