Saturday, December 10, 2011

Breastfeeding Essential Tools/Products for Me

If you asked me about what it the essential things that I needed while breastfeeding.. I will tell you the following.. which I can't live without it :) these are must have items for me.. there are many other brands in the markets that you can consider too.. 

1. Breast Pump - although I encourage direct latch and I do direct latch most of the time.. but the is essential tools that to help you to boost up your supply.. to empty your breast.. to pump while you not available for direct latch feeding.. ** I use Medela Mini Electric.. it does it jobs very well for me.. have been using it since Marcus time - cons - it is very noisy!!

2. Steriliser - this is very important that to wash all your breast pump, storage bottles, and all relevant items that related to baby feeding.. ** I used Avent and this is very good and easy to use.. and i have been using since 2 years ago.. and it still functioning well and does it job perfectly.. 

3. Breast Pad (disposable & Reusable) - I used Disposable when go out because it has a water proof outer layer which will prevent the leak until wetting my clothes & I use reusable breast pad at home.. ** I use Tollyjoy disposable breast pad and Autumnz Reusable breast pad. For Autumnz reusable breast pad.. so far I am very happy with it.. as it has a layer which even the breast pad is wet.. i will not feel uncomfortable..

4. Breast Milk Collection Shells - this is important to me.. as if I don't have this i got to keep changing my breast pads.. and it collect the milk from another breast while direct latch feeding and pumping.. ** I have two Avent and Medela.. I love Medela it will not leak at all and the soft contact with the breast made it very comfortable and also its can contains/collect more milk compare to Avent. Avent I found it always leaking due the the inner contact with the breast is too thick and hard that my nipple cannot touch the inner wall of the shell and it will leaks.. 

 i got 3 pairs of Madela  because I can't keep washing the same pair each time I feed.. and this is how it look like with my milk in.. it turns a bit yellowish as I have been using these for 2 years.. 

5. Nursing Pillow - I use nursing pillow especially during the confinement and second months. I can say I couldn't live without it for the initial two months. Why? Reason being because firstly.. baby still too small to sit on my lap while feeding, meaning I need to hold baby for hours to feed her.. (I am not good a lying down to feed because i find it hard to latch on also i need to wake up to change side to feed is difficult and I need to wake up to burp baby also difficult.. I tend to fall asleep if i feeding lying down) so meaning my back will pain.. hand will pain.. whole body will pain.. ** I used MY BREAST FRIEND nursing pillow, borrowed by a friend, why this pillow? it is very good as it got a buckle and it locked on our upper waist come with adjustable strap.. then pillow is flat.. so no need to worry baby fall down from the pillow.. then I got both free hand to play on my phone.. to trims baby's nail.. to help squeezing the milk (initial establishing stage).. to massage the breast if have block ducts while baby sucking to release the ducts.. (important: to use this pillow effective you will not have backache problems. you need to find a chair and sit up right.. meaning sitting in the correct posture..)

 6. Breast milk storage bottles and bags - I have a lot of these bottles to use for each pumping session and the breast milk storage bags to use to keep the breast milk into freezer.. it is more economical compare to if I use the storage bottles for freezing.. ** Breast milk storage bottle - I have both Medela and Autumnz.. Autumnz storage bottle the head just fitted on Medela Mini Electric pump but however need to handle with care are it will loose easily.. ** for storage bags - I am using Autumnz.. so far so good with it.. don't have any problems using it.. no leakage problems so far..
 you can refer to my earlier post on how to store your breast milk @
below is how it look like with the freezed breast milk in Autumnz 12oz bags.. 

7. Nursing Cover/Pomco - I breastfeed everywhere.. in the restaurant.. in the shopping mall.. in the car.. in the dining table while wedding.. haha.. everywhere.. so I will use a nursing cover to feed discretely.. so other can see my nen nen except my little one.. *** I am Fabulous mom's nursing cover
below pic taken when full moon time during our dinner at Canton-I

8. Nursing Bra - At home I wear only nursing sleep bra like the picture below.. it is just so comfortable.. while I can insert my breast pads in it.. and it does also support my breast :) ** I have both fabulous mom sleep bra and Autumnz sleep bra.. I like Autumnz sleep bra as the cotton is organic.. it is very soft and comfy.. 
I think at the moment these are what I can think of.. so I hope this is useful for new mummies to be who want to breastfeed their baby.. get ready all these to help you to have a smooth breastfeeding journey with your little one.. 


Joyous said...

Hi Yvonne, I'm a new mummy and I have found your posts on breastfeeding very helpful and encouraging! Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your tips and being so open and honest with how you feel. Thank you and all the best with your two beautiful bundles of joy!! :)


Carneyz said...

Came across your blog and love reading your posts :) I'm also a breastfeeding and cloth-diapering mom. Perhaps we can share tips some time.

Btw, I also found Autumz bottles incompatible with Medela pump. Last nite I was pumping and then bent over to pick something and the bottle fell… now i know the expression 'don't' cry over spilt milk!'

Bumble Bee & Simplisse bottles match though, so next time i'll just use these and pour into Autumz for storage :D


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