Monday, November 21, 2011

Visit to Ti-Ratana Welfare Society- Orphanage Centre

Last Saturday, we (my hubby, marcus & I) visited Ti-Ratana Orphanage centre together with a few great mamas from the facebook group "The Breastfeeding Advocates Network".. well, I didn't know them personally until we met at the centre.. but, we all have the sympathy heart to all the kids in the centre.. there are about 50 kids below age 6 at this centre.. however, there are only 5 helper to take care these kids.. it was like 1:10 ratio.. oh my!! if you are parent too.. then you will know how hard it was.. even now I take care 2 only.. some more with helper also very challenging already.. I can't imagine how they handle it.. but when I was there I observed that all the kids are very disciplined.. they don't throw tantrums.. they eat own.. they help to clean up after eating etc.. 
I felt so much for them.. as I was nearly sent to orphanage too when I was young.. they are all very innocent.. young.. and what they need is loves and lots of cuddles.. 
I brought Marcus along to the centre with the mind of letting marcus to socialise with other kids and also want him to have sympathy heart as well.. want him to know that he is very lucky one and want him to know to appreciate what he has now.. but I think this need sometimes for him to understand.. 

 here 20 bags of my milk.. donated to them.. there are a newborn baby in the centre.. I feel so proud of giving these precious milk of mine.. instead of throwing it.. instead of put for the plants.. instead of given to the dog to drink.. (all is what we did last time).. Other than this, we also bought 2 bag of 10kg rice.. 1 bag of L size diaper.. all Marcus old clothes.. and some new shampoos and toys.. for the kids at the centre.. 
 they happily eating and playing the toys..
angle mummy Jessica bought them Happy Meal for their lunch.. and get a balloon lady to made them balloons.. she is so sweet isn't??
 the kids are all individually place in their own cot.. and they raised hand immediately when see my dada.. what they really need is someone to pick up them.. cuddle them.. play with them.. 
 the nursery area for younger kids.. 
 this is not my baby.. she is one of the baby there in the centre.. she is only 20 days old.. my donated milk will be given to her to drink.. while I was there.. she was very hungry and searching for milk actually... and the centre care giver said is not the time to feed her yet.. but she goes really hungry look.. and my heart melt.. and I have the thinking why not I feed her directly.. but I was hold back on my though for a while and hesitate to ask Gina (another great mama - she also is a lactation consultant) whether can I breastfeed her directly or not?? But after a while.. I see her is really hungry and so I opened my mouth to offer.. then Gina said "why not??" but she doubts if she will latch on to the breast or not.. as she was bottled feed all these while.. but she is really very hungry.. once I lifted up my Tee.. then she open mouth big and arrrmmm latched perfectly onto my breast.. and sucker so well.. she drank like about 10minutes or so and she unlatches herself.. and had a burp very fast.. while I breastfeed her.. other mama came in.. and saw it.. one of them Jessica said she actually felt to breastfeed her directly but she got no courage to do it.. but after like an hour I think this tiny baby is hungry again.. and mama Jessica offered her best milk from factory warm and hot to her too.. Thanks God.. and hope this baby is well handled in the centre.. 
as I am blessed with lot of milk.. I will continue donate my milk for this little baby.. 

 Gina's son playing with one of the kids in the center
all the kids there want ppl to hugs and cuddles.. 
they are playing happily in the hall after their Happy Meal...

Address: Lot 16106, Jalan 13B,
Salak South Bahru (Desa Petaling),
57100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


KC said...

So amazed that you actually breastfed the poor orphan BB...may god bless you and family with great health and wealth so that you can continue helping people who are in need

Amy said...

Well done!

Anonymous said...

Seeing what you did brought tears to my eyes, you are such a wonderful person to offer your breastmilk to the baby without any hesitation. I do wonder how is the baby now? Has he / she grown up well? Such a beautiful thing :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Its so nice of you to share your precious milk with the babies.
I rejoice seeing your pic feeding the baby.

I would love to visit the Orphanage one day. Is it the one in Salak South?


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