Friday, November 25, 2011

Sunshine Playgroup

this is our third time going to this playgroup (PG), also is the last time for this year as they are going to have school holiday too.. and marcus love it very much.. but I still find the interaction between kids is quite minimal as most of the time the kids is attached with the mummy.. some more he maybe not used to socialize with other kids yet and he is a shy boy actually..  
the beginning 1hr will be freedom play.. and this time I let him do something different from the last two visit.. there is library, colouring and art work session, and another room with wooden toys.. 
 look at him.. so concentrate right???
 my friend's daughter En En... 
 the group photo of everyone!!!
 as this is the last week of the PG and there is a pot luck party.. where every mummy bring some food to come.. and the kids and mummy is having the yummy food.. see marcus giving his nugget to his friends?? 
 my friend pregnant with another baby due is March 2012.. and her cutie En en..
haha.. not forgot to take a photo of ours too.. hehehe.. mummy still so chubby :(

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