Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sunshine Playgroup

After seeing doctor because of worrying marcus will have autism and also about his speech delayed.. they suggested to bring him to playgroup and more activities.. and so coincidently my husband's classmates came visit me during my confinement and she was telling me about this playgroup that she bringing her daughter to.. the minutes doctor suggested about to send him to kindergarten or playgroup.. I recalled about the playgroup my friend mentioned to me.. so I rang her and ask about it.. and the next day I brought marcus there to try out the playgroup.. and marcus love it so much!!! 
the first 45min is free play.. there is few area prepared with activities for the kids to play with.. for example, montessori.. puzzles.. painting.. coloring.. craft work.. reading.. which the mother will need to guide our little one in all the activities.. then will be circle time.. everyone will sit on the floor in a circle and sing song, story telling etc.. after that will have some snacks for the little one.. then follow up with creative play like play dough/ building blocks/ playhouse corner, water play, gym and etc.. after done all then we will help me tidy up and clean up a bit before leaving.. 
today brought marcus for the 2nd time.. and can feel and sense that he like it very much.. I hope this will for his speech development.. let's PRAY!!! but next week will be the last class for this year.. and we will need to wait until next year.. 
 the little artist drawing.. he is drawing circles oh!!!
 draw together with friend..
 montessori play.. there are many different things in the shelves for the little one to choose and play..
 circle time.. marcus also walk to front to see what happened..


KC said...

Great that Marcus boy enjoy the session!

MK Moon said...

hi yvonne, can provide the details info for this center?


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