Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Speech Delayed and Autism

I was scare by a Paediatrician near my house here.. which she said she worry that Marcus might be autistic children.. immediately I am worry.. because always people tell me boy speak later than girls.. and there is 20% of the boys speak after they are 2 years old.. and some even told me their who and who start talking only when they were 3 years old.. that's why i didnot worry at all of his slow speech development.. but until the Paediatrician told me abt the worry and it suddenly shock me!!! and now I recalled and think back..what is the defination of they speak only after 3 years old? does it mean they speak in full sentence only after 3? or they really even papa and mama also dont call?? everyone defination is different.. so, after the doctor mentioned it.. i keep thinking about all these.. and is it possible my Marcus really Autistic child???.. then came back home i do research on the internet and do more reading about autism.. I become more worry after reading so i called Ai Ling and she told me actually she has this worry for Marcus too.. but from her observation so far.. except marcus didnot has any verbal words other than that he look perfectly normal, which he does has eyes contact and play with people etc.. but she recommend me to bring marcus to see another Paediatriacian for accessment.. So immediately that night I brough marcus to Dr Deng at USJ.. Dr talked to marcus and give him something to play with.. and Doc said from his observation and accessment he don't think marcus is autistic but he said marcus is abnormaly quiet.. and he said most properly is just a speech delayed.. and so he wrote us a referer letter to a specialist in Sunway Hospital.. but this Doc appointment has line up to next year April or June.. I couldn't wait for these long.. else I will be very worry.. and after that I checked with Baby and Beyond Clinic at Bangsar Village II so coincident it is the same Doc and the appointment also line up to next year June.. but both of the reception also suggest us for a Hearing Test and Speech Accessment to be done first.. So I checked both Sunway and Baby and Beyond.. and I have made appointment to go for hearing test with Sunway first.. but for speech accessment both i need to wait like 1-2 mths..
Today, I brough marcus to a playgroup.. hoping by joining more people and let him socialize a bit will help him to start talking earlier.. and I am happy to meet a speech terapist there.. she is one of the mother of 2 children and she told me about her center.. so today I made a call to the center and made an appointment for marcus to do a speech accessment test too..
below are some information i found which you can refer to and observe whether your baby has such problem or not..

Early signs of autism in babies and toddlers

Doesn’t make eye contact (e.g. look at you when being fed).

Doesn't smile when smiled at.

Doesn't respond to his or her name or to the sound of a familiar voice.

Doesn’t follow objects visually.

Doesn't point or wave goodbye or use other gestures to communicate.

Doesn’t follow the gesture when you point things out.

Doesn’t make noises to get your attention.

Doesn’t initiate or respond to cuddling.

Doesn’t imitate your movements and facial expressions.

Doesn’t reach out to be picked up.

Doesn’t play with other people or share interest and enjoyment.

Doesn’t ask for help or make other basic requests.

The following delays warrant an immediate evaluation by your child’s pediatrician.

By 6 months: No big smiles or other warm, joyful expressions.

By 9 months: No back-and-forth sharing of sounds, smiles, or other facial expressions.

By 12 months: Lack of response to name.

By 12 months: No babbling or “baby talk.”

By 12 months: No back-and-forth gestures, such as pointing, showing, reaching, or waving.

By 16 months: No spoken words.

By 24 months: No meaningful two-word phrases that don’t involve imitating or repeating.
(quoted from:

I really hope there is nothing big problem with my dearest boy marcus.. now, I am not so worried about autism but it still my bigest fear.. but I am very concern about his speech delay.. marcus ... please start talking soonest to ease mummy's worry!!!


MieVee @ said...

Hi Yvonne, you may wish to read Shichida's book for 0-6 years old mentioned at

It mentioned something about therapy for autistic children. (Not that I think Marcus is.) Along the line of helping the child recall his experience during your pregnancy, and trying to make up for any negative experience during that time.

For speech delay, Shichida centre's principal also mentioned flashcards (hard copy ones) help. Flash 100-200 cards daily, read out the words aloud to Marcus. Rotate cards about every 4 days or less to keep him interested.

All the best!

YvOnNe Fong said...

MieVee: I did try to find that book last time after read your blog.. but i couldnt find where got sell..

KC said...

Hope everything is fine with Macus boy


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