Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Living in the Crying Sound - Crazy Soon

I am very stressed up!!! I feel hopeless and really helpless.. why no one can help to ease my burden??? I feel really tired.. I feel wanna crying...  I feel I am going to collapse very soon!!!!  
I am living in the crying sound of Marcus.. This background noise make me really stress.. his crying sound seem  just linger at my ears even he is not crying... I am physically tired and mentally sick now!!!
** he is crying for something.. and I was breastfeeding Chloe at the sofa.. record using my mobile phone..
there are many reason why he crying like this.. firstly jealousy.. secondly, terrible two.. thirdly, his is frustrated because he can't vocalize what he want...  Ok.. I will be fine for sure.. I just need time to adjust to his crying.. and treat it as a melody.. 
GOD PLEASE HELP ME!!! Please give me strength and wisdom to overcome this!!!


KC said...

Dear mummy, I hope god bless you and little Marcus with the strength needed to go through this brave and hang on there...

Why Not said...

I used to nurse the baby and have both the other kids sit next to me. Sometimes I read them stories while I nurse, sometimes they just lie around near me to tell me about things, sometimes they would play by themselves near me. Just so that they know I am there for all of them, not just the baby.

It is a very difficult time for you. Hang in there. Try to give Marcus lots of love and individual attention when you are not with the baby. Praise him like crazy when he is not crying. I'm sure you are already doing all that, but keep working on it. It will get better soon.


MieVee @ said...

Take deep breaths when feeling stressful. My baby's only 2 weeks old and I'm trying my best to keep my temper good and not flare up at the older brother.

To counter jealousy, I keep the boy near me and try to read or sing to him. But sometimes, he doesn't cooperate and chooses to mess up things in the room. I try to keep one eye closed.

If he can't vocalize his needs well, try teaching him simple sign language? E.g. Upset, happy, angry, hungry, thirsty, tired, painful. You can learn the signs online or through books. Very easy to learn.

All the very best! :)


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