Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kota Kemuning Playgroup - Our 1st Attempt

I was always wanted to let Marcus to mix with other kids or peers but near my neighbourhood kids are all much older kids which is not very suitable for him to play with.. thus, I start the initiative to organise a playgroup at our housing area.. and I named it Kota Kemuning Playgroup.. and the response is very good and we have kick start for our very first playgroup gathering.. it is very much like a mummies gathering for this round to get to know each other and chit chatting or networking among mothers.. which is very good which we can support each other and sharing many parenting tips.. 
it was my first time organising this.. and I believe we can do it better and improving it for the next few rounds.. below are some pic that I managed to captured even though I was busy with Chloe and shouting at Marcus not to touch the Christmas tree... hahaha
 for the beginning Marcus was playing with Ethan Gor Gor.. both of them riding around the house.. 
 while mothers are busy chit chatting here.. some babies busy crawling and hunting for toys.. some busy munching on the toys.. while some busy looking at others.. 
 then marcus playing with this uncle and laughing out his lung.. my weird son.. didnot want to play with other kids but play with uncle!!!?
 Chloe mei mei also joined the crowd.. she has a friends which is just one month older than her.. see they holding hands!!! cute yeah
 tummy time for both of them.. but mei mei neck control still very poor.. she just comfortably lying on her tummy only..  
here our first group photo and out first playgroup done!!! 

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Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

It looks very fun ohh! Too bad I am staying too far away... Your house it's really big & nice lo!


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