Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jealousy.. 挣花。。。Part II

** he can just cry and cry... tension lah mama.. 
Recently the jealousy in marcus doesn't really goes lesser.. even though I already try my best to give more attention and loves.. hugs.. kisses.. time.. but it doesn't really help to overcome the situation totally.. but he is no longer angry with me.. and he changed his strategy to get our attention on him instead (earlier post about this at Now.. he is very sticky to me.. keep crying and crying in front of me like the video below.. he can stand at the staircase gate downstairs and cry loudly until I come to him.. at night he don't want kakak.. don't want papa.. and just want me to sleep with him.. if he wake up in the middle of the night and realise I am not there.. he will cry out loudly until I come in and sit next to him.. then he will back to sleep immediately.. he wee on his pants on purpose by looking at my face when he doing it.. he cry and cry and make himself vomiting.. yes I said vomiting.. he already vomited few times by putting his hand into his mouth while crying.. this little Marcus sometimes really drive me crazy especially he purposely cry and make himself vomiting.. I couldn't really understand why little child also can have such a big reaction and they know how to do to get attention until hurting themselves.. can't understand the little heart and mind... 
** video above.. marcus keep crying while I am breastfeeding Chloe mei mei
 I really don't know how long will this last.. I really hope Marcus boy can overcome this as soon as possible and be mama's good boy again.. 
I can feel he love his sister.. but another side he hate that too!! so complicated.. 
one day Marcus wake up from his nap in the afternoon.. he was crying and clinging on me like a koala bear.. at the same times Chloe wake up and crying for milk... Marcus don't want to let me go.. while Chloe mei mei is crying so loud for milk.. I was so stress.. then I negotiate with Marcus can mama hold him with one hand and another hand hold mei mei and feed mei mei milk?? then like little bit give in but not really willingly too.. as i need two hand to help latching mei mei first then only able to hug him again.. so i let him at my side for few seconds (he is crying and complaint that time) after latching mei mei then I hug him again.. then I told him.. "mama love you same as before.. and mama also love mei mei same as loving you too!! you two are same important to me!!" I really not sure he understand or not.. ** that time i really hope there is two mama.. one for Marcus and one for Chloe mei mei..
Marcus mama want you to know you are my little precious before.. after.. and forever too!!
mama loves you!!!


KC said...

Kesian Macus boy...he must have a sensitive heart but don't know how to express...must be hard for both of you. Add oil ya Macus boy and mummy!

Karen said...

poor marcus, my eldest gal is only 1 1/2 yrs old when my little boy is born. She also like marcus ...cry cry cry and loss temper. Until now she is 3 yrs old, she still did not love his litle brother so much. Need to give them extra time, extra comfort and extra love.


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