Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hormone Rashes

There is this rash called Hormone Rash.. this rash will emerge around 3 weeks old and it may on and off until 3 months old.. Chloe mei mei now has this rashes.. I was told this rashes is very common and it happened almost on all babies.. just the degree of seriousness is different.. this rashes majority is on the face and it may extend little bit to neck and shoulder.. it is only upper part of the body.. It look like pimples.. for some serious one will be like a little white spot on the red spot..
My baby care consultant teach me to buy the Lactacdy cleansing liquid for baby to bath and clean with cold boiled water with cotton wool 3 times a days.. just need to make sure it is clean and it will heal by itself.. when will it subside?? when the hormone inside the baby become stable..
hope Chloe mei mei's rash will recover soonest!!!


jamiemama said...

Chloe mei mei JIA YOU!!! wishing you speedy recovery, loves from auntie jamie

Unknown said...

My second BB is having the same "Hormone Rash". I just wash him with warm water everyday. Cold boiled water better? May I know where can I buy the Lactacdy cleansing liquid?

YvOnNe Fong said...

Psedornna: you can get at any pharmacy.. there are two type.. one is feminine wash.. another is cleanser..


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