Sunday, November 13, 2011

Food Allergy

my poor little son... he got food allergy towards Peanut Butter spread last Monday.. we actually know that he has allergy reaction to certain nuts.. as we tried given him earlier when he was young with the rules of 1 table spoon for first feed and 3 days in a row for new food.. but the allergy reaction is not as serious as this time.. as we know he has allergy reaction to peanut jam... so we didn't give him any food that contains it.. however, how he get this??? Monday morning mummy is hungry and use a knife to spread the peanut butter jam on the bread.. while he want it too.. so mummy gave a piece of bread (roti kosong) to him.. once mummy finished spreading the jam.. he want the knife too.. on the knife there is still some residual of the peanut butter... then he playing pretending spreading just like mummy did just now.. and he lick the knife.. gosh.. then almost immediate.. his eyes start to swollen and it is very itchy as he keep on scratching his eyes.. then body come on all the red dot dot rashes.. Oh my God!!! so little and cause such a big reaction.. and that Monday was a Public Holiday.. where to find Paediatrician Clinic?? But lucky was mummy know there is a Baby & Beyond Clinic inside Bandar Village II shopping mall just next to the Fit for 2 yoga centre that mummy went last time.. mummy called and checked whether they are opened.. and yes they did.. but full appointments.. and they ask me to walk in... so we hurried there.. and finally let the doctor checked on him.. doctor reconfirmed it is allergy reaction..  and told us next time must stand by the allergy medicine at home.. and as and when we went out too.. as the allergy can go really serious.. other than eyes, mouth, limbs swollen.. the worry is the throat and inside swollen.. which can cause him cannot breath.. so doctor asked us always stand by the medicine and once see allergy reaction immediately give him one dose of the medicine then only bring him to hospital or clinic for further check up.. after taking medicine he is fully recover in 2 days time.. GOD BLESSED!!
Marcus boy.. mummy next time will extra careful on what to give you even though it is really tiny also can't..
Other than peanut.. the following is the food he has allergy reaction when we testing the food earlier:-
 my pity boy with his eyes swollen..
all over his body has the red dots rashes..

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MieVee @ said...

Must be very careful indeed. My boy has allergy reaction to soy and gets fungal infection with mushrooms and strawberries. I keep explaining to him why he can't eat these foods and also taught him always to ask me before accepting food from anyone else, including family members. He also learnt to say he can't eat these. When Marcus can communicate better, try to teach him too so that he can protect himself. All the best... :)


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