Sunday, November 27, 2011

Child Development - Chloe @ 2 months

Time flies mummy's little Chloe is now a very chubby baby... she is so cute!!! ok.. i know baby are are cute in their own mummy's eyes.. :P 
Yesterday, Chloe mei mei turn 2 months old... below is some of her developments.. 

Weight: 5.3kg 
Length: 55cm
Feeding: 100% mummy's milk 
Appearance: Alert 
Skin color: Pink 

Head Control: Moderate (she is lazy to do tummy time.. always fall asleep during tummy time) 
Eyes focusing: Good 
Hearing - react to sound: Good 
Smiles Spontaneously: Yes
Lifts Head: Not really but able to move from left to right when on tummy
Tracking with eyes: Yes.. can track left-right and up-down
Locates sound: yes 
Vocolising: yes - she start ang ku ku lor... :)

oh my.. she has michelin's hand.. hehehe... so so chubby lah her.. beh tahan feel want to pinch her sometimes.. 

 she is also a happy baby.. always smile.. 
 oh my.. u see double chin right?? in fact it was tripple chin actually.. hidden inside :P
 everyone say she look alike her Marcus Gor Gor.. but I think she is more girly look..  
 oh Yes!!!!
evidence of her sleeping while i ask her to do tummy time!!! aiyo.. lazy butt.. 

Chloe Daddy, Mummy & Marcus Gor Gor LOVES U oh!!!!


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Chloe mei mei really chubby & cute~!!!! Make me want to cubit her also, hehe.

Oh ya Yvonne, do you notice my blog got error while loading photo? I don't know what happen lei, I felt wanted to let go my blog ald.. =(

Anonymous said...

So chubby leh....!


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