Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Breastfeeding - Breast Milk Storage & 1 month old feeding schedule

Above is one month collections of my own breastmilk.. which is all extra milk that i able to collect everyday.. currently I have 15-20oz extra everyday and I feel happy I have so much so that I can satisfy my little one requirement.. it was total of 25 bags of milk in there :)
to follow up from my previous breastfeeding entry.. now the breastfeeding has become easier (not to frighten off the new mommies who want to breastfeed their baby) the easier life is coming.. and it will be even easier after 2 months old :).. and it doesn't take up so much time when coming to direct latching.. below is one day sample of my feeding schedule:-

Date: 31 Oct 2011 (36th days)
7.10am (Chloe poo poo a lot) - awakes and playing
9.15am - feed after bath
3.50pm (Chloe poo poo a lot)
6.30pm - 2oz EBM
** duration of each feeding session is about 5-15min..

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