Friday, November 18, 2011

Angel vs Devil

haha.. like the titles goes.. now Chloe seem more like an angel to me.. while marcus sometimes is an angel.. and sometimes he is like a devil.. his evilness is killing me every now and then..but when he is an angel then he is really cute to me..  
little bit update for this little angle Chloe.. she is now 7 weeks old.. weight should be around 5kg.. length about 54cm hehe... she gain more than double of her birth weight in 6 weeks time.. when we off to see doctor the other day (when she was 6 weeks old) her weight was 4.86kg and doc said.. wow.. well done mummy... you milk helped her a lot!!! :) i am happy to hear this.. and I am happy my little angle Chloe is growing well.. 
 she is a happy baby too.. she start smiling quite a lot.. 
look at her eyes lashes.. so long.. hehe.. finally got one thing that is look alike me right???
 ok.. back to this little devil cum angle.. when he is in good mood he is really an angel to me.. but recently he misbehaved a lot.. maybe it is now Terrible TWO.. really hope this phrase pass through faster.. ok.. u may asked about his new hairstyle.. yeah.. that day i was helping him to cut his hair again.. not to say that he moving non stop.. but i still manage to cut a quite nice hair for him.. when about to done.. he took the shaver and shaved a hole on his head.. and it was at the upper part.. so I don't know how to make it nicer.. and instead using the 3mm to shaved his whole head to botak (bold).. but the hole is still there as i don't know how he shave it until is like 0mm while the shaver head on is 6mm head.. 
 this cheeky boy start to pose for me when taking photo.. see how he smile for the camera.. beh tahan him.. 
can you see the hole he shaved on head???? 


Anonymous said...

mei mei looks like gor gor a lot:)

kid is like that, when they r well behave, they r really cute!

**Anderson's Mama**

Reanaclaire said...

Both are equally cute... a prince and a princess!


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