Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Breastfeeding Station

This is my breastfeeding station.. I cannot sit on bed to feed as it will cause me to have bad lower back pain.. so this is the place where is sitting most of the time now.. and it has all things i need within my reach while i am nailed there for feeding.. :P
First picture on top:- you will see I have a side table to put all the necessary items so it is within my reach even I am in the midst of nursing.. a ikea chair with cushion which I am sitting for hours, if no cushion my buttock going to be so pain loh!!! hahaha.. Handkerchiefs: 1 for my sweats and tears another for placing on top of the pillow for baby face to sleep on.. there is one more hanky but it is not inside here for illustration.. it is place below my baby double chin so the milk won't go until her necks.. :P
ok now.. we move on to the table.. there is a cup which we place some clean boiled water so I can clean with cotton wool my nipple before feeding.. and clean baby face and mouth after a feed.. a note book with pen.. this is how I recording all babies feeding and activities.. Red dates water in termo and a cups so I can drink water anytime when I feel thirsty.. breast pump which I am using to pump up milk to make sure it is properly empty.. there is also some vitamins & supplements and biscutts inside the drawer of the side tables too..

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