Monday, October 17, 2011

Jealousy.. 挣花。。。

my dear marcus boy now undergo a reality that he got to accept that he got a new sibling.. he got to share papa.. mama.. kakak.. and everything with his little sister..
for the first few days after we got back from hospital.. he is perfectly fine and normal.. he does patting his little sister and show curiosity observing what we did to mei mei too.. however.. after few days.. and we notice he has changed in his behaviour.. he start throwing things.. everything and anything even his beloved "ipad".. he start becoming more aggressive and active and showing his big smile and giggles on his face (he used to be a cool baby.. where it only really funny then only he will giggles with sound)... he start talking out loud and mumble a lot compare to before.... he also like to cry a lot.. just minor things he can just cry and cry.. I believe all the above is mixtures of jealousy.. also he is trying to get our attention and his reaction towards this reality.. slowly.. i realised that he doesn't listen to my instructions.. yes.. only my instructions.. but others he still obey a bit.. I try to hug him and kiss him.. but he refused too.. and he will purposely turn to papa or kakak to make me feel bad too.. there is one day i kiss on his cheek and he use his hand to wipe his face immediately after my kiss.. i really feel sad yet feel funny with his reaction.. furthermore, he also refuse to pat his sister and refuse to even look at her..
yes.. i know he is punishing me with these reactions.. because I am the one who don't care about him for the first 1-2 weeks after delivery.. due to I was in pain here and there.. as well as my maraton breastfeeding.. so the precious little time I have I will reserve for lying down on bed and to sleep.. as I am really exhausted..
My confinement lady told me.. these are all very normal.. every sibling will have this and she used the word "挣花".. So, mummy really hope that my dearest Marcus boy can overcome this as soon as possible.. and I hope he will love his little sister too!! So what we need to do now is to give him more love.. more time.. more attention..
Marcus.. mummy loves you forever.. and mummy loves to you will not less than previous.. but mummy also need to take care Chloe mei mei now.. I know you always an understanding boy.. now you have one more Chloe mei mei to love you too!!! be strong my boy.. and after overcome this!!! 

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