Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Introducing Toddler to New Babies - Part 3 (Marcus and Chloe first Meet Up)

As I written earlier, one week before I went for delivery... we went out for a shopping.. bring Marcus to go choose present for Chloe Mei Mei.. and we also secretly bought present for Marcus both from Chloe Mei Mei to Marcus Gor Gor and birthday present for him..
At the shopping mall.. we selected two booties and ask Marcus to choose as a gift for Chloe Mei Mei.. he was sitting on his stroller and papa was holding the two pairs of booties.. Marcus starred at both of them.. then he was thinking and start to removing his shoe.. then give his leg to papa.. haha.. he though it was for him to wear.. it is so funny!!! We went of explaining this is not for you.. is for mei mei and point my tummy to him.. and at the end he touch the rabbit one.. so we bought it and let Marcus to bring to hospital to visit mummy and mei mei...
At the hospital.. when they arrived.. Mei Mei was in my room too.. and I was breastfeeding her that time.. so I asked papa to come in and help me to put mei mei back to her bed.. So I can give kisses and big hug to marcus first before showing him Chloe Mei Mei... So, after mummy kisses and huges Marcus.. as usual he see so many things in the room and couldn't stop want t exploring the room himself..
so.. we brough him to in front Mei Mei.. and ask him to give the booties to Mei Mei.. you can see in the video.. he was giving very unwillingly... want to throw it to mei mei.. hahaha..
then we proceed with the gift from mei mei to marcus gor gor.. and he love the singing book.. he sat there and play with the toys for a while.. then he start exploring and climbing on my hospital bed.. which is more fun then playing the toys :P.. headache!!!!
and basically if you ask me if marcus know the existen of mei mei that time?? I really not sure.. and he seem like not looking at mei mei also.. :P
So that's about it for the first time meet up of Marcus gor gor and Chloe Mei Mei.. :)

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