Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chloe 1 Month Old

times flies.. so fast Chloe already full moon.. and I hope Chloe to be healthy and Marcus to love his sister.. I also hope I can get to slim down asap.. still got 11kg on me :(... so many wishes I have.. :P
I hope my family to be wealth and healthy always..
brother and sister.. some said they look like twins in in different age..
so ugly lah me.. sigh!!! 
 our very first family photo
 my CL and my hubby keep ask me to let Chloe botak.. but I refused too.. no reason for me to botaking my dearest pretty daughter.. so just cit little bit 意识意识
 mummy and chloe.. see she sleep so soundly..
it is so hard to take family photo.. marcus is nonstop moving.. :P


Why Not said...

You look wonderful! :-)
Happy full month, little Chloe!

KC said...

Finally can mandi as many times as you want! Hepi full moon!


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