Monday, October 3, 2011


My another breastfeeding (BF) journey began again after the delivery of Mei Mei.. and in fact actually I have little bit phobia over the breast feeding than delivery.. :P it is really tough and not an easy task to accomplished especially for the beginning of establishing the breast milk and towards the ending of quiting it.. it is emotional, physcological, and physical challenged actually..

Ouch!!! sakit... Ouch!!! pain pain pain.. was the words I always shouted out at the beginning of latching.. It was real pain.. but the stubborn me.. even I am so tired.. even I am so pain.. even I am restless.. but I still want to breastfeed mei mei!!! this is how stubborn I can be!!

My mother in law again have doubts on breastfeeding and mentioning it in front of me.. but this round I am more firm and I told her "Mama.. I want breastfeed mean breastfeed.. please don't talk about formula milk.. please don't say anything more which this make me feel pressure!!! STOP IT!!!" - I know I am a bad daughter in law.. but it is really annoying to hear those doubtful words.. although I know that she was concern about her granddaughter whether hungry to not.. BUT I REALLY COULDN'T "TAHAN" or "STAND" it!!!
I just want to give the BEST to my baby!!

  1. Day 1 - 26 Sep 2011 - Full Breast Feed (Mei mei did complaint after she sucking so hard yet no much milk :( )
  2. Day 2 - 27 Sep 2011 - Full Breast Feed - basically non stop breastfeeding for almost 24 hours.. (2-3 hours rest maybe) ** last BF was from 10pm - 1am
  3. Day 3- 28 Sep 2011 - (total FM feed = 6oz)
    • 1am - mummy surrender and asked confinement lady (CL) to take the sample formula milk (FM) given by clinic and make 1 oz of FM for her..
    • BF from 5.45am - 8.30am - surrender and top up with 1oz FM (bottle feed)
    • BF from 11aam - 1.30pm - surrender and top up with 1oz FM (bottle feed)
    • BF from 4pm - 6pm - surrender and top up with 1oz FM (bottle feed)
    • BF from 7pm - 9pm - surrender and top up with 1oz FM (bottle feed)
    • BF from 11pm - 2am - on and off BF as she fall asleep after sucking for 10-15 min - then put her down and after few minutes she will cry for milk again.. finally mummy also surrender and top up with 1oz FM (bottle feed) 
  4. Day 4 - 29 Sep 2011 - (total FM feed = 1oz) - terrible breast engorgement & block ducts is everywhere!!!
    • BF from 7am - 9am
    • BF from 11am - 1pm - then my breast start to had very bad engorgement and mummy keep on massage with top strenth (very very hard and kuat massage myself on the breast) and expressed out with hand for 1oz of Expressed Breast Milk (EBM)
    • 2pm - Bottle feed EBM 1oz
    • 3.15pm pump and hand expressed - 1oz
    • 4.00pm Bottle feed EBM 1oz
    • BF from 5.00pm - 7pm
    • BF from 8.00pm - 8.45pm
    • BF from 10.00pm - 12am - surrender and top up with 1oz FM (bottle feed)
  5. Day 5 - 30 Sep 2011 - (total FM feed = 1.5oz)
    • BF from 2.00am - 2.30am
    • BF from 3.00am - 3.45am
    • BF from 4.05am - 4.30am
    • BF from 5.00am - 5.40am
    • 6.00am - finally mummy surrender and top up with 1.5oz FM (bottle feed)
    • Then mummy forgot to written down the time for the rest of the day of feeding.. basically was non stop too..
  6. Day 6 - 1 Oct 2011 - (total FM feed = 1.5oz)
    • Today mummy also forgot to record the timing.. hehe.. coz the note book was not next to the breastfeeding station..
    • but basically all was feed directly latching on
    • 3pm when mummy doing massage we fed you with 1.5oz of EBM
    • 7pm - due to mummy got to rendam air garam and sponge bath again feed 1.5oz FM BF from 9.00pm - 10.00pm (then mei mei sleep until 2am)
  7. Day 7 - 2 Oct 2011 - Proudly annouced finally mummy able to fully breastfeed mei mei!!!!
    • BF from 2am - 2.40am
    • BF from 4am - 5.15am 
    • BF from - 8.15am 
    • 9am Bottle feed EBM 2oz (due to mama is having urut)
    • BF 10am - 10.30am
    • BF 11am - 11.40am
    • BF 2pm - 3.00pm
    • BF 5pm - 5.45pm
    • 7.30pm Bottle feed EBM 2.5oz
    • BF 8pm - 8.20pm
    • BF 10.15pm - 11.45pm (in between mei mei poo 3 times)
  8. Day 8 - 3 Oct 2011 -
    • BF 2.50am - 3.20am
    • BF 4.40am - 5.00am
    • BF 6.15am - 7.05am
Above is the records that I managed to keep track.. Now mummy got to record her poo and which side of breast I given her for feeding.. keep forgetting and ask which side I gave just now??? :)

Chloe Mei Mei - Mama finally make it this round too!! and mama will do all the best I can for Mei Mei - YOU!!!!


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

U r the greatest mum! I know its really not easy to be a fully breastfeed mum cos its really not easy task!

Have to sacrifice rest time, meal time, sleep time, later will suffer in back pain & etc...

Proud of u...

Cuen said...

Hi Yvonne,

Congrats. I have come across your previous post about your CL. Would you be so kind to share with me her contact? Are you still using her this time round?

Love your post, it is an inspiration and always very positive and encouraging. :)


Anonymous said...

Jia you jia you! KC

Anonymous said...

I am due soon n look at the timing u recorded, i am so scared again even though this is my second child. First child fully bf till 8 months old. Even with the past experience, and also a very tough experience, i know the bf journey is not easy at all.

Cingratulations to you! You made it!!!
From fb bf group.. Chris

BeeTeng said...

just want to tell you that i am as STUBBORN as you are. i still remember the pain of BF in the early stage. the pain beyond words can describe. from nipple cracked to bleeding and crying. thanx to my husband for the support he gave. my baby is going to be 5 months soon and am still BF him.


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