Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bath During Confinement

do you bath during confinement? This is my 3rd time doing confinement.. and every time also have different practice on bath and washing hair.. thus, I also not very sure which is right or wrong!!
For this round confinement.. I get to sponge bath (lap lap badan) with herbs boiled water twice everyday.. and the happy part wash 12 days of my confinement i get for my first bath but not washing hair.. then suppose is 20th days only can bath for 2nd time and washing hair.. but I keep negotiate with my confinement lady.. so finally i got to take a bath on the 19th days instead.. hehe.. I was too excited until forgot to take a picture of the bath water :P... lastly I got to bath again yesterday which is 27th days of my confinement.. and I washed 3 times my hair!!! so shiok!!!
whatever practise is.. I think it is for our own good.. so if I can follow i will just follow.. but every time before breastfeed Chloe.. i will use boiled water with cotton wool to clean my nipple prior to latching her.. hygiene is still priority when come to baby.. 

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Anonymous said...

I bath everyday during my confinement, but not wash hair. Until day 20++ only can wash my hair:(

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