Sunday, September 25, 2011

What did you do 1 days before delivery??

 What did you normally do one day before you know you going to deliver baby?? Knowing that you are going to be "confined" for 1 months? Knowing that you going to lost freedom is everything including many yummy food??
hehe.. this is what I did today.. morning I wake up.. checked my hospital bag again to see what I forgot to bring.. then sit in front laptop and play facebook and do things I like.. then have breakfast.. then I do a 45 minutes self yoga session at home.. then write a blog while hubby went out for swimming..
after hubby back.. I told him I want to go out.. don't want to stay at home!!! hehehe.. and I told him I want to eat japanese food.. I want to eat ice cream.. I want to do some shopping.. there we went out and have a yummy delicious Zanmai Sushi lunch.. had yummy green tea ice cream.. :P
 then we went to parkson for some neccesity shopping items.. also went to giant to bough some groceries..
 so yummy... hehehe.. my favorite roll at zanmai.. Spider roll
 ice cream.. i am going to miss you for at least next 45 days..
self taking at the restaurant.. since we still have some freedom.. so we had a "only for us" moment today..
hehe.. after the shopping.. we went for a good 1.5hr foot and shoulder massage.. so relaxing.. specially on my elephant swelling legs.. hahaha
hey.. everybody.. wish me a smooth delivery tomorrow yeah!!!
mei mei.. mummy going to see you soon!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love what you did 1 day before delivery! Have to get hubby to belanja me makan too before delivery :)


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