Sunday, September 4, 2011

Toddler Swimming - Marcus can swim on his own!!!

 We always bring marcus to swimming.. but I never have the gut to let him off totally from my hand.. but it is real that if we don't let go.. they will never learn.. and you will be surprised that actually he can do it too!!
Parenting lesson: we as a parent need to learn to let go and let them try on their own!!!
Last week.. we went swimming together with papa.. and for the first time papa let go his hand and let him swim on his own.. it was the very first time.. and we are so surprise that marcus is able to balance and swim forward to reach the object or place he wanted to.. 
Amazing my son.. papa & mama is so proud of you!!!
Today we went swimming again.. and I purposely bring the camera to video his swimming.. :P
 happy smile and happy swimming with mama...
I like to splashes the water!!!
I am playing passing balls with another mei mei we meet in the pool!!!
Look here.. mama really let go his hand and marcus is balancing on his own and swimming on his own too!!!
(note: all photo and video taken with Panasonix Lumix DMC-FT1)

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