Friday, September 2, 2011

Thai Fish Farm Restaurant & Lookout Point at Hulu Langat

Yesterday night.. we have an outing together with our neighbor Alan & Sarah + 2 kids for the very first time.. we went to Hulu Langat Thai Fish Farm Restaurant.. 
We ordered: 2 Crabs, Kangkung, Grill Lamb, Fried Chicken, Sotong with salted egg, Shun hok fish Thai Style, Shun hok fish Salted grill style, Tom Yum soup, drinks, 椰花酒
Cost about: RM260 for 5 adults + 2 children + toddler 
Taste: it is really fresh the seafood there.. and the taste was great too 
Surrounding: it is actually out of nowhere.. in a very dark forest like place.. there is nostreet light.. we were sitting on a floating based on top of the fish farm.. the restaurant is actually surrounded around the fish pond.. it is so natural until there are many inserts flying too.. haha.. but the weather was good yesterday so it is quite cozy for us.. 
Restaurant Thai Fish Farm
Km 4, Jalan Ampang Hulu Langat,
68000 Ampang, Selangor

GPS: 3.130077, 101.803586
Tel: 017-251 5235, 019-260 6493
 the chubby fat me with slim down dada... 
 our neighbor Sarah & Alan.. see the whole table full of foods..
 after our dinner we pass by the Lookout Point at Hula Langat.. so we went in to check it out too.. 
Parking fees: down area RM2 (but need to climb up so far to the top of the view point and restaurants.. Valet Parking just in front of the restaurants and view point RM15 (we definitely choose valet parking.. i couldn't climb up so far.. :P
and we decided to sit down and have a drinks too.. drinks there not very cheap.. but worth for the nice view of KL.. 
 family pic time.. take 1: but kakak why can't see Twin Tower?? 
Family pic take 2: hehe.. this time can see twin towel..
 Family pic of Alan.. 
see the mother and son smile exactly the same!!! :)
it was cozy to sit there and chit chat.. with some wind blowing.. it was nice and relax.. 
(notes: all pic taken with my new toy.. Sony NEX5)

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