Friday, September 16, 2011

Pregnancy Yoga - Fit for 2

this most properly is my 2nd last class.. and the instructor Angeline ask if we would like her to help taking us doing pregnancy yoga.. we can bring the camera to the studio and she will help us capture us doing yoga in action.. so I also very thick face as normal.. I did bring my camera to the studio yesterday night and ask her flavour to help me to take some photos.. I just though maybe she will help me take 1-2 pic only.. but in fact.. she help me take quite some photos through out the class.. really appreciated her help.. so I can keep some memory and show mei mei.. "hey.. look.. mummy tummy so big but still going to do yoga exercise!!!"
The instructor actually praised me that I had improved a lot and more flexible compare to my first class.. which is so shame that I couldn't move after a pose at all.. and shout for her help :P.. pai seh really!!!
I love one of her sentence "it is not a competition.. and it doesn't matter how low or how far u can go.. as long as you feel that you have a good stretching feeling will do.."
 see the above right bottom corner pose.. i couldn't even did this pose from my 1-8 classes.. but see how I can do it!!! little proud of my achievement here!!!
 cat pose and forgot what that pose name.. haha
 above the middle one is rabbit pose..
here are some balancing pose..
Actually I feel that I am soon going to graduated from the Pregnancy Yoga Class.. and I am proud of myself that I could do this for myself and for baby.. and after went to the yoga class and it does really ease my lower back pain problems.. and I seem more energetic and stronger than before!!
Hopefully the breathing that I practicing during Yoga will help me to calm and breath and push during my labour soon!!!
so if you want to ask me whether is it worth going.. I will say yes.. except it is little bit far for me.. and it is also a little bit pricy.. other than that I am very happy!!!


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Wow... I love yoga last time... b4 my pregnancy I always go every week once or two times.. but once after I know myself pregnant, I stop practicing. Tot it will hurt my bb in fact it is not!

I believe the breathing skill u learnt can help when u deliver mei mei... So shall wait for ur good new soon!!

CY said...

hi there. can i know where did you had your pregnancy yoga class?


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