Friday, September 9, 2011

Pregnancy Exercise - Swimming

above pic taken during my friend Bee See and her princess Silvia visit us few weeks ago..
yeah other than pregnancy Yoga.. I do went for swimming too.. it is like one stone kill two birds at the same time.. firstly I will play with marcus and teach him to swim.. then I will ask maid to take care him for a while.. then I will go to swim for 2 laps.. then come back again play with him.. and again go for another 2 laps.. normally at least I will swim 4 laps.. but maximum i tried before was 8 laps.. but that was because marcus is not around..
I feel i am much stronger and have more stamina for this round pregnancy.. so I really hope I have the oummp.. to push hard hard to deliver mei mei during the contraction..
there is always funny conversation and look from other kids in the swimming pool or the changing room..
a little girl staring at me weirdly and ask her mother: mummy.. why this auntie tummy so big??
her mummy smile and said: because inside got small baby!!!
little girl said: why she still come to swimming???
I have a big laugh then.. I think really not many preggie mama went swimming!!!

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