Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Delivery Diary - 26 Sep 2011

(mummy was in great pain over the contractions)

6:00 am - Bath.. slowly enjoy my bath.. and wash my hair for twice..
6:30 am - Breakfast - Herbalife + sandwich with tuna
7:00 am - Depart to Sunway Hospital
7:30 am - Admission procress
8:00 am - I am in the labor room and waiting for Doctor to come.. while the nurse and mid wife give me a few forms to sign (eg: total breastfeed or mixed or fm after delivery, do I want to keep my placenta if not got to sign the consent for them to throw away it..)
8:30 am - mid wife check how much I dilated so far. only 1cm
8:40 am - put medice for me to pass motion
9:03 am - wear name tag with series number on my wrist.. and ask me to confirm the name tag and series number to be wear on my baby's legs after delivery
9:10 am - Doc came and check on my dilation and only 1cm opened. So doc put medicine in to induce, soften and make it open. Doc told me got to wait until around 2pm maybe...

~ very mild contraction and contractions... ~

10:12 am - Nurse came in again and said want to trace the contraction and baby heart beat and activity.. ask me not to move for 30 minutes..
11:00 am - transfer me from labor room to normal ward room 2333-1
12:00 pm - lunch

~ crazy contraction and crazy pain kick in after lunch.. almost 1-2 minutes once.. called nurse in and she help me do a tracing check for 30 mins..

1:00 pm - mid wife came and checked on how much I dilated.. but it is still 1cm after so long.. but why I got such bad contraction and pain?? and while this mid wife checking for me.. it was crazy pain and i cried.. the earlier two check was not this pain!!!
1:30 pm - they transfer me back to labor room.. and found that my pain maybe due to my over bloated urine bladder bag.. and they help me to pass the urine out.. and it was a lot!!!!

~ thereafter the contraction back to moderate.. and around 4-5 min once.. and this I am bearable ~

3:40 pm - Doc came in again.. checked I was dilated 3-4cm and doc make the water bag burst.. then induce me with drips..
4:30 pm - inject a pain killer at my buttock
5:00 pm - Doc came in check.. and dilation still only about 4-5cm
6:00 pm - Pain getting greater.. and my dada is not with me :(.. still able to play msn and sms..
6:10 pm - I told nurse I have urge to go wee.. but she said I might not able to do on my own.. so they help me pass the urine out.. and check on my dilation.. told me it was 6-7cm but can feel baby head is down already..
6:14 pm - sent out a sms to dada ask him to come back immediately.. I feel very pain and have urge to push already..
6:20 pm - Doc came in.. everyone busy walk here and there.. getting prepare and transform the bedding for delivery.. I was in great pains.. and I want to push!!! Pain.. Pain.. Pain..

~ Push... Push.. breath in and push... Breath in and push... Breath in and push... after few attemp.. I asked doc please help me!!! So Doc help me with vacum.. but he said I got to push it out myself..

6:39 pm - finally my princess is out..

~ Doc help me to massage my tummy.. ask me not to push.. while he help me to get the placenta out then some sewing job in process..

Finally.. the pain is over.. and waiting at the labor room for 1 hr for monitoring.. and mummy start breastfeeding mei mei..
here you go.. my dearest newborn baby!!!


MieVee @ said...

Congratulations and take care! :)

MieVee @ said...

Congratulations and take care! :)

Anonymous said...

Hearties congratulations!

Enjoy ur confinement....

**Anderson Mama**

Kelly Koh said...

Welldone!!Congratulations!Take a good rest ya Yvonne:)

Anonymous said...

What a brave mummy you are...congrats!



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