Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mid Autumn Play 2011

Marcus still not really know how to play candles and lantern.. haha.. mummy bought a loud musical Doremon Electric Lantern for him.. Shall take pictures and put it here after tonight play.. :).. ops... now i realise it was on the table at the second pictures below.. :P
Really long time didnot play candles during Mid Autumn.. or I should say many years we didnot celebrate this festival.. seem it become less important in Malaysia now.. But, after have marcus I would like to let him play and experience the fun which I had in my childhood.. so I bough candles.. lantern.. then invite neighbour to come and play together with Marcus.. So coincidently my parent in laws are here too.. so we also sit out there eating moon cakes & fruits while chit chatting..
 I feel that the child now they don't really enjoy the fun which we had in our childhood last time.. which all the houses around and all the kids will be out and play candles.. it is some sort of like competition to see whose house candles decoration is more beautiful... and take the lantern and walk around the street.. and we even play cooking pandan leafs!!! miss those times really!!! 
Our new neighbour.. this is also his first time play candles and lantern.. hope he also had fun too!!
you know how a almost 2 years old boy play candles?? see the video below then you will know.. haha...

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