Friday, September 23, 2011

Hospital Bag for Delivery

What is in my hospital bag??
  1. Admission letter from doctor
  2. 1 set of cloth for mummy - to wear when discharge (of course is with a jacket too)
  3. Socks (to wear after delivery and when check out and go home)
  4. Bengkung to tight my tummy when discharge so easier to walk.. with a fluffy loose tummy is hard to walk around..
  5. 1 set of baby clothes - to wear when discharge
  6. mitten and booties for baby
  7. infant cap
  8. receiving blanket
  9. Gift for marcus from mei mei
  10. 1 set of cloth for papa
  11. Toiletries (facial wash, tooth brush, creams)
  12. breast pump (to stimulate milk while baby is away from me for check up after delivery)
  13. a thermal cup (so can make some ginger/red dates water to drink at hospital)
  14. Ginger powder/red dates powder to make drinks
  15. Fully charged DSLR camera & fully charged NEX 5 camera
  16. Handphone charger & hanphone
  17. Wallet - with IC


Anonymous said...

The toy, my son got the same toy :)

Wish you all the best:)

**Anderson Mama**

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Gift to Marcus from mei mei.. So cute!!!

Then why need to bring 2 camera wor... Berat lei..

YvOnNe Fong said...

Thanks Anserson Mama.. you got blog too??

Mui Ngee: 2 camera coz.. i not satisfy with NEX photo loh.. you know I very yim chim.. want nice and sharp sharp one.. but my D700 cannot take video.. Nex 5 can loh.. hahaha

Why Not said...

All the best! Hope you have a smooth delivery! :-)


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