Monday, September 12, 2011

Glenn Doman's Book Series - Baby & Right Brain Training

After attending Tweedle Winks class with Marcus for about 1 semester (3 months) and I also do some reserch on my own from the internet and reading the books by Pamela Sue Hickein - "Right Brain Education - Changing the World, One Heart at a Time"..  from there I get to explore about what is all about Right Brain Training.. Then one day I come across some reviews and I bought these 3 books from MPH online last few months...
Well.. I had read on the "How to Teach your Baby Math" and found that actually this technique was the same used in the Tweedle Winks class.. And was told many others Right Brain Training school is using the same method of Glenn Doman too..
As a very ambitous mum.. I bought some cards (A4 size) and the red color stickers.. though to made my own Math Dot Cards.. but the card that I bough is not very friendly to be a Flash Cards (too soft and hard to flip).. Thus, I give up the idea.. but, I found there are ready made Math Dot Cards follow the measurement given by Glenn Doman and which it is actually not as expensive as the Glenn Doman original set of cards (which cost thousand).. so I think I will go and get it soon (will share it after I get it and use it)..
These books explain step by step on how we can do it on our own at home to teach our baby.. and it was actually right brain training type of teaching method.. whereby it uses flash card materials.. And we can teach our baby on our own at any times available at home..
Pros: we can know how to do it on our own.. and it can be done at low cost compare to we go to classes..  
Cons: you got to be extra hardworking to do it on your own.. searching materials and idea to teach our little one.. (Laziness...this is why until now i still dragging my foot to go and get the math dots card :P)

After all.. mummy will try to do whatever best I can to try to teach our little one.. hopefully I can have the persistent to do so.. 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne,

Appreciate if you could share where to purchase the Glenn Doman cards (non original)... thanks a lot...!!

Thank you and best regards....


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