Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Counting Down!!!

As my due date is getting nearer and nearer.. I feel the time goes slower and slower.. it was like passing second by second... tik... tik... tik.. the clock is ticking one by one.. so slow!!! This feeling starting since last week.. hmm.. I think almost all the expecting mother will have the same feeling..
hmm.. many people asked me.. what is my feeling and emotion now?? I could say.. I didnot feel much now.. couldn't say I am not excited.. but also can't say I am excited.. maybe because this is 3rd time delivery and is 2nd baby.. so not go "gan cheong" kua.. But I have the worry on marcus not sure how he will feel when he saw mei mei.. and see the attention of us putting to mei mei.. now he has to share the love we have with mei mei.. so hopefully marcus can cope well too..
 see the above pic?? he is excited too.. in terms of playing the mei mei toys..
because we put it near the wall and he can't reach from front.. what he did was pull out the cot and he climb on top and play it.. I am wondering if mei mei sleep inside the cot there.. and marcus will do the same???? haha!! (he just wake up in the morning and he is wearing the newest pyjamas mama bought for him.. little monkey!!!)
Ok.. Don't think about it the time anymore.. and seem I have damn lots of things undone.. I need to hand over and pass over my job to my colleague.. I need to prepare the confinement things (buy vegi, pork, fish, kampung ayam, herbs, fruits, food to stock up for the first week of my confinement, food for marcus and etc).. got to get ready my hospital bag.. got to final setup the baby room where by I will be sleeping there together with the confinement lady and baby... got last doctor appointment to go to.. got to teach maid how to cook for me for my first day on confinement (as my confinement lady will be here I think after I discharge from hospital).. got to organise a small birthday party for marcus.. opss.. sound really lot of things to do!!! :P
Yesterday I also completed my last yoga class session.. and I have the feeling like I am graduated from the Yoga Class.. I am much stronger & flexible despite my tummy is so much bigger compare to when I just started Yoga class 3 months ago.. ^^
Lastly.. I think I will need to settle all the above.. check what do I still need to buy.. and wait for the princess arrival soon!!!!


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Oh I love mei mei's room, I love her baby cot, I love her toys, I love her wall sticker... Can't wait to see her soon too~!!!

YvOnNe Fong said...

Mui Ngee Ah Yi.. this is not only Mei Mei room oh.. is going to be Marcus gor gor's room too.. but wait later when marcus gor gor bigger a bit first lah.. heheheh

Anonymous said...

Recently, i also see my son climb up the baby cot like that.

I likes Marcus's pyjamas :)

**Anderson Mama**


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