Thursday, September 15, 2011

Confinement Products from Peiling

As the arrival of mei mei is coming soon.. mummy also need to get ready for all the things that need to use during confinement.. as normal... mummy will buy these things from Peiling to use during the confinement.. As for the last two confinement I didnot blog about these.. so I though this round is good time to share about it.. So this is my third time using these products except the rice wine & sesame oil..
 these are ginger body shampoo.. ginger hair shampoo... and dry shampoo.. I will use the dry shampoo during the confinement when I really can't tahan with the oily and itchyness..
 Sesame oil and rice wine.. first time bought it from them.. but since i got to buy anyhow.. and they have promotion that buy 2 sesame oil free 1.. so I just get it from them also.. I get 3 bottles for each..
 Soh Hap Yuen - tradisional used to help to throw away the wind from the body... and Jewel.. will start eating this from the 2nd months or when Soh Hap Yuan finished
 this is a 30 days supplements herbs.. designed 1 sacket per day.. got week 1 - week 4.. which they said it is for different function week and week..
I also got the 30 days bath herbs from them.. and 10 days baby bath herbs too.. it is convenient and more clean as the herbs was pack inside a bag.. compare to those tradisional bath herbs..

Other than the products.. I also get their confinement food catering services.. for another 14 days delivery after my confinement lady left.. it is convenient and easy.. as actually it is better to eat confinement food up to around 45 days.. and I don't need to think and trouble to go out to pasar to buy all the ingredients and food.. so far for the past two round I am getting their catering services.. the meals and menu is very good.. as well as the taste too.. and it actually not cheap ingredients they are using.. so I will still think it is quite okay to take it this round too..

if you interested in their products also.. you can visit their website at


Anonymous said...

I am going for a talk at Peiling this sunday, about how to have a happy confinement. I think I'll buy some of their products for confinement as well. KC

YvOnNe Fong said...

KC: you very hardworking ar.. go to talk somemore.. haha.. but I didnot go to their talks.. I just went last time prenatal class at sjmc only..

Anonymous said...

I don't really believe in strictly following confinement rules bathing and washing my hair hope to hear some professional comments so that I can tell my parents : See, pro people also said can bathe and wash hair :p. KC

YvOnNe Fong said...

haha.. peiling booklet said first 12 days cannot wash lah.. haha.. my CL last time let me bath every alternate day after 12 days also.. but not wash hair try to avoid..

Anonymous said...

Hi, mind sharing with me in more detail about your experience with Pei Ling's confinement products? I have too purchased their 30 days rejuvenation series and also the 30 days double boiled herbs.

But, recent visit to the motherhood expo at KLCC, another booth (PFW) the one selling "Yu Nu Tang" which also has their own confinement product - but theirs package is pretty different.

I was told that PeiLing's confinement product is not so good. So, I get really confused over what I should eat next month. Going to due soon. So, I am keen to hear from people who has consumed PeiLing's confinement products before. How is your after confinement feeling? Is your health stronger?

Hope that you could share your experience with me, cause I had a bad experience with my first child. I really hope to make it right this round.

Please email me at

Thank you in advance!

mitchelle g said...

Hi yvonne; can i know how's feedback on the pei ling's 30 days herb? Drink it every day? Is it good? Advice

fionfong said...

Any good or bad experience from Pei Ling confinement product,food or centre can share,here i m so scare to...will go to stay 28 days during my confinement in feb 2012


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