Sunday, September 25, 2011

Confinement Herbs

My fridge now is fulled of herbs.. vegi.. meat.. fishes.. kampung ayam.. which need to be used during confinement.. herbs nowadays are very expensive too.. below are the herbs that I got for my confinement:-
  1. Red Dates Water - and this time only i know that red dates water also can be so expensive :P.. we bought for 30 days pack which is price at RM950. For the first 1-10 days, inside there is 5 types of herbs.. then from 11-30 days there are total of 8 types of herbs in the red dates water (which they add in the black bean (need to pre fried) and another two types of herbs) - The price is expensive right?? but, there are few different price range.. it depend on what types if herbs you taking.. for example: the size of the wolf berries, what types of red dates (we got the organic one), and what types of Tung Shen (Tung Sum in Cantonese).. it can be as expensive as RM1500 for 30 days.. crazy right???
  2. 30 days herbal soup - everyday also have different type of herbal soup and with different types of functionality.. which the first week soup is for inner cleansing.. then 2 weeks is for reconditioning.. then 3rd weeks is for enhancement.. lastly the 4th weeks is to energising.. the "补" only can start after 10 or 12 days.. so we just got the herbs and follow the remarks and days they put there.. simple and easy.. these herbs cost us RM790
  3. Bao Sheng - this is crazy expensive too.. it got many types and categories.. but for confinement need to use the old bao sheng.. those korea hua qi sheng etc is not appropriate.. this also is to make soup.. (we bought the 9 years old bao sheng if I remember correctly) - the herbal shop help us pack into individual packs for each cooking and put in other ingredients like organic red dates and etc for making the soup - it cost about RM1000++
  4. Dang Kui - this is not as expensive as pao sheng.. but also got many types and grade.. i am saliving when thinking about Dang Kui chicken dome soup.. yummy... this cost us about RM300++ for 6 portions and same as the no 3. they pack it with other herbs for us to make soup too..
So now you may ask why all the herbs need to put inside the fridge??? because these herbs for confinement one is without/NO the Sulfur and there is no preservative too.. also because of this reason the pricing for these herbs are much higher too!!! so to keep it fresh we got to put it all inside the fridge.. but I also couldn't fit all in.. so the first 1-10 day Red Dates Water herbs I just put at some good air ventilation and cooling place...
 above is the 30 days herbal soups
 the 2 big orange color plastic bag.. inside is the red dates water for 11 - 30 days..
this is one of the red dates water for 1-10 days.. another side got wolf berries and one more type of herbs I don't know.. hehehe..


Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne, very detail list. I'm expecting now, may I know did you bought these pre-packed herbs from Herb shop?

YvOnNe Fong said...

i bought from herbal shop in bandar puteri Mart pasar puchong

Mon said...

Hi Yvonne,

You mentioned ayam kampung, I am living in the UK, we dont have ayam kampung here, is there any problem comsuming normal chicken?

Appreciate advice.


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