Friday, August 5, 2011

Why I like Photobook over conventional Photograph?

after move house.. i realized I have too many photos.. and almost 2 years after I moved in.. then only I have time to organised those photos/photo album into a cabinet nicely.. but, nowadays with digital cameras.. I know many friends didnot develop photos anymore.. while they prefer to see it inside the computer.. but for me the digital copies cannot be trusted.. as it might be corrupted even if you back up it in a CD.. this is real life experience that I couldn't open some of the photo files back in year 2004. So hard copies is still my preferences.. and it can be hold and flip.. it is really different feeling and it can be view anywhere too.. :)

Ok .. this post is I want to share with you that "why I like photobook over conventional photography/album?"
  1. Cost - It is cheaper to do photobook compare to develops 4R photos. (Photobook normally come with discount - at least 40% discount) if we develop the conventional photograph.. we need to buy album to organised the photo into it which is another price to pay too. Or we just live with the pocket album that the shop gave us. But it is so messy as u can see on top.. Furthermore, not all photoshop will give the pocket album.. some just give in a paper envelop.. see Tier 1 of the cabinet above (there are still many photos sitting inside the envelops without an album.. :(
  2. More organised - Photobook is more organised compare to conventional photography/album.. but I still keep my photobook in the bubble pocket that they sent to me. So I can have them in good shape.. 
  3. It can be designed - Photobook can let us arrange the photo as we like.. put in frames, clip art, wording, descriptions, details of the photograph.. it can be look like a photo story book.. while conventional one can't 
  4. Save space - you can understand what I mean by this right?? just look at the above photograph and compare.. :P
Happy photobooking you are like it too!! :)

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