Monday, August 8, 2011

Teething - Marcus' Teething records and problems

Just saw my friend recording her daughter's teething record with this website and so I also registered myself and created one for Marcus too.. but the date of the teeth growing I am just roughly putting it in.. because mummy don't really remember.. but the time frame should be around the same as what I have input here.. 

牙齒teethDate of grow
1 左下, 門牙2010-08-01 
2 右下, 門牙2010-08-01 
3 左上, 門牙2010-09-07 
4 右上, 門牙2010-09-07 
5 左上, 側門牙2010-10-13 
6 右上, 側門牙2010-10-13 
7 左下, 側門牙2010-11-09 
1歲 1個月
8 右下, 側門牙2011-04-09 
1歲 6個月
9 左上, 第一臼齒2010-06-15 
10 右上, 第一臼齒2011-04-15 
1歲 6個月
11 左下, 第一臼齒2011-06-18 
1歲 8個月
12 右下, 第一臼齒2011-04-13 
1歲 6個月
13 左上, 犬齒2011-08-05 
1歲 10個月
14 右上, 犬齒2011-07-14 
1歲 9個月
15 左下, 犬齒2011-08-05 
1歲 10個月
16 右下, 犬齒2011-07-14 
1歲 9個月
17 左下, 第二臼齒
18 右下, 第二臼齒
19 左上, 第二臼齒
20 右上, 第二臼齒

I always have problems with feeding when Marcus is teething.. normal days he eating was slow already.. but when teething time it become worst.. he will refuse to eat at all.. or keep splitting out the food... I still remember the last few round when he was teething.. he can goes not eating much everyday for 3 weeks to 1 months.. But, as I know every child is different.. whom my friends kids actually don't affect their eating while teething.. so sometimes I was very jealous yet very happy for them as they don't face the same problem like me.. but, now I also can see very "OPEN" already.. As long as he eat some and drink some milk, even though doesn't hit his quota everyday..
hmm.. currently his teeth no 13-16 is growing.. already came out from his gums but not yet fully come out.. and these 4 teeth is consider small teeth so it doesn't really affected his eating badly..
I can't imagine the time if he is teething for the last 4 big tooth at the back there!!! 
** yes, sometimes when marcus is teething is will have some mild fever.. but the fever will not goes more than 38C.. (this is what doctor told me)

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