Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pregnancy Exercise - Pregnancy Yoga - Fit for 2

(can see me with my big tummy?? holding the hp to captured a pic?)

Do you do exercise during pregnancy?? Yes.. I do for this time pregnancy.. the earlier pregnancy I was just doing some walking at the garden park near my house only.. But, for this time pregnancy I have very bad lower backache.. which maybe caused by my felt down months ago.. whichever reason to it.. my friend Ellie and Veronica suggested me to try Pregnancy Yoga and both of them suggested me to "Fit for 2" (you can click here to goes to their website) at Bangsar Village 2 (BV2).. but, that time I was still taking my own sweet time to think and considering whether should I go and attend the class for several reason which under my considerations:-
  1. Distance - it is really far from my house 
  2. Cost - it is quite expensive compare to the normal yoga class which I joined last time 
  3. Timing - as I just left about 2-3 months for my pregnancy. Also, about the class timing (it is either morning which not suitable for me as I have to work or evening 7pm-8pm which I was thinking and scare about the traffic jam.
I did try to search online for other pregnancy yoga class which maybe nearer to my house.. but I couldn't find it.. and so far I think this is the only one specialized in pregnancy yoga.

But, suddenly one day not sure why I have the mood to go and to have a trial class (trial class is at RM50). The class I went was Pregnancy Yoga and Instructor was Angeline (she is very friendly and effective). Normally before the class start she will start chit chatting with the class and sharing about what the problem on our body.. is there any backache or any discomfort etc.. and some topic on pregnancy.. 

The class is 1hr. And for me is more than enough. As it really stretching and have some exercise on my body.. although I am now look like a humpty dumpty with a big big tummy or carrying a huge basket ball in front of me.. but the pregnancy yoga was designed for pregnancy woman.. which the yoga instructor was trained with it and they did get opinion from the Gyane etc.. I tried personally and I like it.. so I end up signed up for 12 classes, but most properly I can't utilized all 12 classes (need to be utilize within 3 months from the date of purchase) before my delivery but the staff told me I can still go after 2 months of my delivery to utilize my class as they have some classes for mummy and baby together like mom and baby yogalates/ fitball etc.. 

Overall I really like the yoga class.. I think it does helps a bit on my backache.. but exactly help or not I am not very sure.. But it give me a good 1hr exercise and stretching.. the class size is not very big.. it normally has about 5-6 participants only.. so the instructor can actually quite focus on us.. but she was good as she will not push too much on you.. and she will guide us on the pose yet not over stretching us.. 

I also went to try once the pregnancy fitball class.. it was interesting.. and it was more aerobic and speed is much faster than yoga.. but I personally prefer yoga more than fitball :) The rest of the morning class I have no chance to try but if possible I would like to try it out too.. 

So..I would recommend pregnant lady to give a try on this and why not we can be still FIT during pregnancy.. I think this might help on our labor too.. as we have more stamina to PUSH during labor than non exercise right??? 

So if you interested to try you can get all the information on pricing, class schedule, instructors from their website

p/s: the parking at BV2 is very exp. if you want to go there you can park at the multistory carpark in front of the BV2 or below the food court opposit the police station - only rm1 per hour ( thanks for this info from Ellie) 

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