Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nikonian Academy - My first Photography Class

As all these while I am a self learn photographer.. and I always aiming to go for some class which will interest me.. but due to too many works.. babies.. pregnancy.. I don't have any time to go for it.. but last week I come across some theme which really interest me and make me to action to join the class.. which is one of my favorite "Pregnancy Photography".. 
To me the challenge was not how to capture the object or framing.. I have all the ideas.. angles.. and how I want to shoot to be done.. but maybe I have limited knowledge on the flashing to get to the end result of what I aiming.. So this class is helpful as this can be said my first time using more than 1 flash for shooting... the most I learning out from the class was about the flashing and how to set up and lighting.. but about the technical side of how much power to set at each flash.. this i am not taught too (as I am quite blur about the setting on the flash).. so maybe I have to try it out on my own or to attend another class purely for mastering the flash technique.. but I roughly get the idea of how can I direct the lighting.. 
as I always shooting with available light/ natural lighting.. so this is also my first time trying out low key shooting.. thus, to me I think the no matter what subject we shooting.. the most important is to get the right exposure and the right lighting.. which to achieve what we want to be in the frame.. the mood.. and the feeling.. 
Other thing that I learn from the class was about the flow of shooting in a studio.. which is frame.. setting the lighting.. then shoot.. "the director" and the "assistant"
Since my tummy actually bigger than the model.. the trainer and other participants was very kind to me to.. haha.. give me chair to sit.. there was a refreshment too after the class was conducted.. and a summary session and some selected shoot to be reviewed and discussed.. 
she was actually 32 weeks pregnant.. 
she is having a boy...
I came out with this frame.. but the full frame pic I not very satisfy.. and instead I take a second shoot on the landscape and I pretty like it.. (just the expression of the model can be improved)
trying out different mood by editing the color.. this is sepia
this is b & w
this is color but kind of tone done a bit.. for a different feel.. 
which one look nicer???
 when i ask the model to pose this.. I know this is typical shoot.. but it is lovely don't you think so??
the two other participants shooting.. while i sitting on a chair... 

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