Monday, August 29, 2011

Marcus's Hair Cut at Salon

Today.. I see have time.. and I though to try to bring Marcus to go to salon for a hair cut.. this time will try the chinese salon instead of the indian barber shop.. because the last time he was crying like crazy once start cutting his hair at the indian barber shop.. 
this time.. he do much better.. didnot cry at the begining.. and he start to cry and lost patient after around 8 minutes.. it is not ideal to go to salon for hair cut too.. I think maybe they are not very experience cutting small kid like marcus.. as you know small kids has less patient so the hair cut must be done FAST!!! but the hairstylist is not fast enough and he said because of Marcus keep moving.. hey.. where got kids no move one?? We already try to distract him with whatever we can grabs around there.. but he end up crying so loud until the whole salon ppl attention on him.. 
so conclusion is.. the best people to cut his hair is still mummy.. ME!!! Will not bring him to saloon or Indian Barber shop for hair cut anymore.. because I think the end result I cut nicer than them too (although sometime look cacat a bit)!!! (perasan sikit).. 

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