Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bed Transitions - Baby Cot to Toddler Bed

now still have around 1.5 mths to 2 mths for the new arrival of mei mei.. so last Sunday we went to Ikea to buy this toddler bed for marcus to sleep while we can take his baby cot for mei mei to sleep.. while we got to let him get used to the new bed before the arrival of mei mei.. and give me ample time for the transition too.. so he won't have the feeling of mei mei take away his beloved bed :P
As you can see above I still put bumper to the toddler bed.. because he will still turn and turn to knock his head.. this is the first day he is sleeping on his this bed.. and mummy was worry and doesn't sleep well.. mummy worries that you might fall down out from the bed middle of the night.. due to the side although with a guarded side.. but seem very much shorter compare to his baby cot.. but he doing good for the first night sleep.. just 2 occasion he flipped until next to my head... :) 
Other than the bed transition.. since weeks ago.. I also swap my sleeping place with my hubby.. so papa will be sleeping next to marcus instead of mummy.. this is also a transition to marcus.. as marcus is sleeping always next to mummy.. we also give ample time for him to get use to sleeping with papa... hope he will not have the feeling of mei mei taking away mama from him.. 
I hope all these will be a smooth transition for marcus gor gor!!!

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Woon Nee said...

hi yvonne, mind to share if the bed is safe for my little toddler of 14 months old. im not sure what whether to let him sleep on the floor with mattress or get him this ikea bed because his sleeping pattern is bad, turn n turn around.


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