Monday, August 1, 2011

Bath Tub Water Play

marcus 的艳福不浅.. can play water with two pretty little princess Abigail and Anabel... little kids are just so simple and easy to satisfy.. they are extremely happy just playing in the small bath tub like this.. 
while both mama also happy to see how they shouting and playing.. and looking at their funny face expression.. 
marcus now seem starting to know how to enjoy accompany and playing with other kids.. instead of parallel play only.. because while mummy hug u out from the bath tub and want to help to to bath.. you cried and complaint.. coz both jie jie is still inside the bath tub.. but once both jie jie out and stand and bath together with marcus.. then you keep quiet.. :) it is amazing to see how the little one improved day by day!!! 
 but it is hard to have a good photo of 3 of them while they are playing like crazy.. 
 this is anabel jie jie.. 
 see 3 of them.. marcus somemore know where to on the Jacuzzi light as well as the power.. 
 see Abigail jie jie here.. 

1 comment:

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Wow ur bath tub where got small? Got jacuzzi somemore...


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