Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wall Sticker - Baby Room Decoration

Mummy bought these cute wall sticker from before buying it mummy roughly decorate it with imagination on computer to see the outcome of the combination of the stickers chosen by mummy (which is in my previous blog "Where to Sleep" - 

Sticker Total Cost = RM75 (3 set)

the process of sticking.. mama cut out all the pieces and use a small sticker to roughly position where to stick it.. then it is executed by papa... :) papa sticking it one by one with care!!! 
 working in progress...
marcus said he also want to help.. but he stick the sticker all on his own face!! ^^
we choose a darker green and yellow paint as compare to what's mummy choosen from the internet sample color.. :)
dang.. dang.. dang.. dang... here you see the final product after we finished sticking it.. I love it very much!!!
baby room renovation next step:
1. hunting for curtains..
2. furniture (chest of drawers for baby clothes & a storage cabinet for toys)
3. move in King size bed from downstair so mummy and confinement lady can sleep..

:).. hope marcus and mei mei will love this room!!!

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