Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swimming with Mummy

Marcus loves to swim so much.. and mummy promise will try mummy's best to bring marcus to swim once a week.. so this mission so far is met for abt a month already.. 
mummy also use this opportunity to exercise with mummy's big tummy (**mei mei swimming inside mummy's tummy while mummy swimming in the big swimming pool.. haha :)).. mummy will swim together with marcus for about 15-20 minutes.. then will ask kakak bring marcus to kids pool (then ask kakak to bring marcus to bath first while waiting for mummy to swim).. then mummy will swim about 4 full laps and get up to bath too.. normally when mummy get up marcus is just finished bath.. and there is a small kid playground out there.. and marcus will have fun playing slides etc while waiting for mummy to bath.. 
dang dang... this is the new float suit mummy bought for marcus.. coz marcus dont like to sit in the round float.. coz he cannot swim.. 
see marcus's hair so stylish!!!
 marcus showing that i got the locker key!!!
mummy.. holding marcus.. and teaching marcus to swim.. mummy keep saying "swim marcus.. swim marcus.. marcus.. leg kick kick kick... hand hand also move move move... good boy.. good boy ...good boy.."  :P

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