Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Studio Loft - Our 1st Family Studio Photo

Pregnant: 27 weeks
Date: 8 July 2011 
Models: Papa, mama, marcus, and mei mei (maybe she is posing inside the tummy too!!)
Photographer: Maryann

yes.. some people may think i am crazy.. why i don't choose the studio in KL instead.. be frank.. i don't really find any studio in KL that I really like their style.. this is the main reason why I went to Singapore for this shoot!!! I just like simple, neat & clean photography.. which this is also my style.. I want it to be natural!!!

The experience with The Studio Loft.. 
Positive: I like their simple color backdrop.. I like the style of their photography.. a friendly staff Joanne is helping to distract marcus to look at the camera using her iphone playing pink painter (that time marcus was throwing tantrums)... 
Negative: I found that the light setting was already set.. the photographer doesn't really see which face profile of yours look nicer prior to the shooting.. (maybe because we are late and she is rushing to pick up her son after the shooting).. hair messy.. clothes collar was not put properly (yes.. she realized and asked us whether is it okay but it was after many shoots/pose)

Overall experience: Yes.. I like it.. :)

We paid extra SGD250 to get all the hi-res soft copy unedited (so the following pic is already edited by me).. total photo taken 198.. but I can choose the ok - nice one abt 70 pic.. Since my flippix is still having promotion at 75% discount.. so mummy.. also faster use this opportunity to make a Layflat Photobook for these photos.. Shall share it after I get the photobook :)


MDOB said...

wow.. nice one! i always like to have a pregnant photo with the cloth hanging carefree..!! :) so envy you got a chance to go over to singapore to take these beautiful shots. Good one!!!
I love it all so much.

maryann koh said...

hi yvonne, chanced upon your blog from Jayne's blog. WOW, didn't know you were so unhappy with your shoot. and it was Joanne, not Wen Lin who attended to your boy. As for the lighting, I have perfected it to the look I want after more than 5years in this business so I know what works for the shots I want. if you were not happy with the final lighting outcome of the shots, then maybe you shouldn't have bought the CD. and i don't understand what you mean by i didn't tell you about your outfits. we try our best to make do with what you brought along plus we have some outfits in the studio which we lent to you if appropriate eg the white pants.

anyway, glad to have you come despite being more than 2 hours late and wishing you a smooth delivery.


YvOnNe Fong said...

Hi Maryann:

I am happy with the overall photos and result.. and I like your style.. simple yet stunning photos.. that's the reason why I went until Singapore your Studio to have this photo shoot to be done.

I was really sorry and pai seh about the lateness. As really cannot control the timing until to reach there from KL. As we will be there only 3D2N which the schedule is really tight.

About the outfit.. i realized in my blog was a typo error.. it is my hubby collar.. but what we going to wear.. I did read your f&q.. and happy that you lent me the white pants. As about the lighting not about the lighting is not good.. the lighting and the ambiance is nice.. just feel maybe my another side of face may look nicer :P


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