Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Myflippix Photobook - Precious Moments 2010/11

This is my 3rd personal photobook.. which I compiled, arranged and designed on my own.. I didn't share my 2nd personal photobook.. maybe If I have time I will share it.. it is a photobook about my holiday trips in New Zealand back in year 2008.. :P.. definately my first personal photobook I has shared here in my blog earlier which the title is "Marcus 1st Year".. http://yvonnefong.blogspot.com/2011/03/myflippix-photobook-marcus-1st-year.html

why I said personal?? hehe.. I also did another few for others ppl.. where is a newborn album, wedding album and also couple album.. 

this album consists of 62 pages and 220 pictures through out the years of 2010/11 which I can see the growth in marcus and it recording down all our memories and joyful moment together... 

I suppose to wait until marcus 2 years old to create this album.. but there is a great discount and promotion at http://www.myflippix.com/ / http://malaysia.myflippix.com/ (their new website).. so I couldn't wait but to create it asap to enjoy the great 75% discount!!! It only cost me RM82.25 to print this book after discount (original price is RM329.00).. if you have any photo to develop why not try this out it is really cheap!!!!
 Cover and Back cover
page 1 
  page 2-3
page 4-5
    page 6-7
page 8-9
 page 10-11
  page 12-13
   page 14-15
  page 16-17
  page 18-19
  page 20-21
  page 22-23
 page 24-25
   page 26-27
 page 28-29
 page 30-31
   page 32-33
  page 34-35
  page 36-37
 page 38-39
page 40-41
   page 42-43
   page 44-45
page 46-47
    page 48-49
 page 50-51
   page 52-53
 page 54-55
  page 56-57
 page 58-59
 page 60-61
 page 62


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

WOw, u really so efficient ar... I drag until now still havent start mine, photos only sorted half way... my deadline is on end Oct'11.

By the way, did u arrange your photo follow the date u took the photo?

YvOnNe Fong said...

yes.. roughly follow.. but not exactly follow.. hope u know what i mean.. coz i arrange my photo in months according to marcus's age..


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