Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Helper!!

Marcus is a good little helper inside the house.. he like to pick up things on the floor.. the door mean to be closed.. so whenever he see the door or stairs gate is opened he will go and closed it.. if we ask him help to pick up things from the floor he will help too... not to mentioned the time he mess up everything with his 
toys :p but generally he is a great little helper in the house!!
when he was out in the garden.. he will help to pick the the leaves.. then will give it to me or kakak or his papa.. kakak will pick up the leaves together with marcus.. and put a plastic bag there to collect those leaves being picked up.. 
 see my little handsome helper!! 
i can hold so many leaves in my hand..
there you go.. put inside the plastic bag to be thrown away.. 

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