Monday, July 4, 2011

KL Bird Park

It is a happy day for us.. Sunday.. we slept till quite late.. then after lunch at home.. we decided to go to "KL Bird Park" for a visit. hehehe.. bring marcus to see Birds lor... so we depart from home around 2.40pm and reached there at 3.15pm... prior to that I made a call for general enquiry, because we see Malaysian Ticket Price is RM20 per adult and RM10 per child (age 3-12), below 3 is FOC...But for foreigner need RM45 for adult.. Cause we are going together with Maid.. So I called to check the ticket price for Maid if I bring her along.. and they confirmed us it is follow our price.. meaning is RM20.. so we all get ready and head towards there... 
It was indeed a very good place to visit with kids.. I strongly recommend parents to bring their kids there.. they can learn so much in the bird park.. and they really enjoying it!!!!

Marcus has enjoyed it so much.. and he keep laughing when he see the bird munching on food.. 
Marcus also very happy and he want to feed the bird.. he will just plug any leave and give to the birds.. haha.. but see this he share his biscuit with the bird.. 
 mummy said must hold hands and walk...
 my eyes are looking at the birds.. don't ask me to look at camera pls...
 haha.. my maid also take a photo there!!!
 wow.. so many fishes...
 I want to touch the bird!!!
 I keep laughing and laughing so loud when i see the bird munching the food until all the tourist near by look at me as if I am also a bird display here!!!
 a tourist like marcus so much and ask if she can take a photo with him.. and said he is so so cutee!!!
 opss.. so many birds.. and so heavy.. so hard to get marcus to look at the camera.. end up the workers need to take a bird on top of the camera to attract his attention!!! 
see the birds posing better than marcus right??? hahahaha

enjoying trip.. shall go there again next time!!!


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

I remembered when my last visit, If u got Jcard, actually there is another RM5 deduction from entrance ticket.

Great that Marcus enjoy it very much~!!!

YvOnNe Fong said...

j card got discount?? the ticket counter ppl never ask me also.. sienz loh.. paid extra rm15.. hahaha


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