Thursday, July 21, 2011

Breast Feeding

yeah.. i miss the moment that I breast feeding marcus.. the bonding and feeling is very strong..

Another baby coming soon.. but I also feel a bit scare about the beginning of establishment of breast milk supply.. yes.. it is not easy.. yes.. it is very painful.. yes.. it really needs a lot of patient and commitment.. yes.. it needs a lot of love.. yes.. it needs a lot of scarify.. yes.. it need to be really determine.. 

But, mei mei.. mummy will do it again for you... mummy also want to give the best milk to you.. although mummy got a little bit phobia.. of fever.. of block ducts.. of engorgement.. of sleepless nights.. of marathon feeding.. but mummy want to do it AGAIN!! YES AGAIN!! for mei mei YOU!!!

To all mama to be.. if you want to do it.. yes.. you can do it.. you must know what's control it.. its your MIND!!! Let's do it!!! 
 see your gor gor marcus so enjoying... 
oh.. pumping and pumping milk.. again will be my daily routine soon.. 
the satisfied sleeping marcus after drinking yummy yummy mama's brand milk!!! :P

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