Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birthday Loves 2011

Stepping into 30s.. I have the feeling of getting old.. and I can't really remember how old am I when people asked me.. hehe... maybe is selectively memory lost... purposely not to remember my own age.. hahaha... 
I am thankful to God.. who loves me so much to give me a happy family I have now... and Thanks God that I have a baby girl inside my tummy now too.. hope she will be healthy and my pregnancy and delivery will be a smooth one... 
I also been showered with a lot of wishes from my friends in facebook.. thanks to all.. 
I am happy to celebrate this special day with my family.. and my son marcus give me a special gift two years consecutively.. last year on my birthday.. he said "mama... mama... mama..." although it doesn't really mean to address me but it was a wonderful gift from marcus.. mucks baby.. 
this year I am even more happy.. as he kisses me so many times.. as normally even if we ask him to kiss us for 1000 times.. maybe he won't kiss too.. but yesterday (my birthday) he is so generous and keep kisses me.. mummy feel so loved and happy.. thanks baby for the wonderful gift.. below is the video clip of marcus kissing me.. see i am so so happy!!! (but i look so ugly and fat in the video :P)
  I got a surprise delivery cake and flowers from xiao bao bao.. thanks.. 
 here you go.. my birthday present from papa and marcus..
 guest what is it.. yipee.. is a sony nex 5 camera.. hehe.. now i can take nice photo without so heavy weight.. can bring it our anywhere with me.. :) thanks dada!!!
 my birthday cake .. and I love the wording on the cake too... :P
sing happy birthday song after we back from dinner and shopping at sunway.. 
cut cut cake.... :)

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MDOB said...

Nice one!! Happy Birthday Mommy. And wishing you and family in best of health and happiness always :) Hugs.


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